Friday, 6 October 2017

Diluting Infant Formula and why I don't trust the BBC.

So many people still trust the BBC.  I haven't for a long time now and that is another story.

Not long ago, I wrote this post and forgot about it. 

Today I fact checked the BBC link in the May 2017 edit.  To my surprise, the link no longer substantiates my claim that parents in the UK are diluting infant formula to make it go further.  I know I didn't dream this up because the aggressive marketing of formula and the extortionate price of formula are two of my soap boxes.

So this is the now deleted quote from the BBC article:  ‘Parents dilute down milk as they can’t afford formula milk’ on page 6.  So a Third World risk of formula feeding is now being acknowledged by pediatricians in the UK.  This is a moment of reflection for us.

The BBC is also a victim and perpetrator of false information and erasure of knowledge that will help its license fee payers make informed decisions. They are lying to us by omission. 

Who asked for the quote to be deleted from the news item and why did they ask?  Is this the formula interests that have seeped into providing 'impartial news' to the license fee payers?

The whole report makes for shocking reading and is no doubt a reflection of the Austerity Conservative Government which took power in 2010 and which has made the most vulnerable citizens, the ones who can least afford to make cuts, take the biggest cuts in income while businesses - especially corporations are subsidized.

Diluting formula for babies is what the coal face of their inhumane and unethical policies look like.

And why the price of formula needs to be controlled like the price of other basic food items.

PS If you hate political parties that are funded by big businesses such as formula companies here is a  reminder of why you don't vote for them in this video .

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