Friday, 21 February 2014

Warm and Woolly Snood

1 100g skein yarn (5mm – 6mm weight)
The yarn here is Araucania Milodon Blue/grey 1456
5mm crochet needle

1.      Foundation round: Crochet a chain of approx. 80 stitches (52 cm long) and join with a slip stitch (ss) taking care to keep the chain from twisting.  If the circle is joined properly you will be forced to work into the ‘rear’ of the chain stitches in the firist round. 

2.     1st Round:   Chain 2 and turn.  Half double crochet (Hdc) (or half treble UK) into the first stitch (same as joining loop) and into each stitch to the end, taking care to work into the top edge only of each stitch to prevent the loop from twisting. Skip last stitch and join with a ss.  Chain 2 turn. 

3.      Once the first row is finished it is all v. simple.   Repeat step two till the skein is finished.  I ended up with a snood that is 26cm diameter and 26 cm long.  Enough to cover my nose and neck in a bitter wind.

This pattern is free.  Please respect the ownership of this pattern and give credit back to this blog if you share it on.  I have no problem with it if you decide to make items for others for free or for payment.  Just give credit where it is due.  Happy Hooking.  

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