Monday, 9 May 2016

Mothering Journeys

The woman in the photos inspired me.
In the 90s she gave birth to her first son and breastfed him like countless mothers do.

After birthing my first child over 20 years later my stored images of her breastfeeding experiences catalysed my breastfeeding journey.  I wanted to be like these women, my friends from in our little part of the Caribbean.

Fast forward to 2011 when she was preparing to give birth to her second son, I found myself sharing my accumulated wisdom including supporting her decision to wean her second son at 26 months old.

I love these photos because they speak to the timelessness of breastfed children.  They seek the comfort of the breast in many ways.  These photos exemplify how the lived experiences of our community can accommodate a child's love for his security and the sexuality that we also tie to our breasts.

Tun, you are amazing.  Your influence has been deeper than you imagine.  Thank you and, Happy Mother's Day.

with permission
with permission
with permission