Friday, 23 August 2013

The man from Fenwick's.

Mr Philip Davidson from Fenwick's and I met on Wednesday over a coffee in the 50's diner in Fenwick's. After pleasantries about children and work, he shared that he thought about my letters outside of work time which for me was a big win already.

And in his further thinking he understood what I was trying to express.  (yayyy!)  We discussed the bigger picture of infant feeding in the UK including the nadir of breastfeeding initiation and how breastfeeding support died with the widespread formula feeding and how vital community support will be for making breastfeeding a normal part of life again.

I know that even before today Mr Davidson and Fenwick's have been very supportive of breastfeeding mothers and breastfeeding in public.  So 'yes!' again.  He said that actually he wished breastfeeding rooms didn't exist because breastfeeding ought to happen where ever a woman happens to be (insert pom poms and confetti here).

The tangible win for everyone has been sharing the Feed-Finder app.  The advantage to the store of having honest feedback from mothers and mothers win because the more this app is used the easier it be for mums to feed in public.

Thank you for sharing your time with me Mr Davidson and thank you for sharing your personal and professional insights with me.  I learned a few things too including putting my ambassador's face on.   Public relations is not always my strong point.  So, yayyy me.

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