Wednesday, 2 April 2014

UPDATE: Breastfeeding and the Louisa Centre, Stanley.

Yesterday evening the manager at the Louisa Centre sent her response to our complaint.  It seems like they have had a rethink with the input of several people which I believe included Maternity Action and Durham County Council.  Here is the text of the email which I gratefully received:

Thank you for your recent comments regarding breast feeding at The Louisa Centre Pool.  We have been working closely with our partners , to make sure that we can continue to actively promote breast-feeding within all Leisureworks venues.

Following consultation, we are happy to comply with all legislation regarding breast-feeding. However, guidance received from Durham County Council's Public Health Portfolio Lead (Commissioner for Breast-feeding) is that for the well-being of the child, a mother should consider whether to breast-feed in chlorinated water.

We have taken down any previous signage and are continuing to work through our processes and will be taking up the opportunity to enhance staff awareness surrounding this issue. Your comments have been useful in helping us to improve our services and we apologise for any upset this may have caused.

***** *******
Facilities Manager

The Louisa Centre

Thank you to all who were involved especially to the mother who called the sign into question and then created a greater awareness of the discrimination when she was not listened to.  Women speaking up for other women and their babies is creating a safer and gentler world for our future mothers and children.  

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