Monday, 7 April 2014

Woolly Buf in Regimental Colours.

A snood is not a snood when it is made for a man.  It becomes a buff or a buf (short for 'bufanda', Spanish for scarf, I suspect.)  So here is the buf I made for my husband in his regimental colours.  This year is 350th anniversary of the founding of the Royal Marines and this is my little effort to commemorate their historic beginning.

The Pattern is the same as the Warm and Woolly Snood except that it uses 75 chains to start out with. Materials are King Cole Merino Blend Aran in Navy, Mustard, Fern, and Scarlet in 100% Super wash wool which is soft, warm and itch free.  There are 8 rounds of navy, 2 rounds of mustard, 2 rounds of fern, 4 rounds of scarlet and 8 more rounds of navy which is the colour ratios of the regimental standard.  The finished dimensions are 29cm diameter and 23 cms height.  It could be upscaled easily with 12 rounds of nave, 3 rounds of mustard, 3 rounds of fern, 6 rounds of scarlet and 12 rounds of navy once more to make a longer buf.

Feel free to use this pattern for personal use or for sale but please give credit back to this blog.  

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